About The Path

In 2015 Tobias Wehrle discovered the inspirational sound of the marimba. In the project ‘Impressive Path’, Tobias’ intention is to create powerful and romantic melodies. He wanted to create something different that is directly connected with the mystic, but beautiful landscapes of his home area – the Black Forest. Every time when Tobias is going for a hike, he feels the urge to transforming the magical atmosphere into a melody / something musical. Especially when he is walking through the romantic and wild canyon of the Wutach, he feels like moving into another world. Maybe into a better world, where we are able to forget all the creepy things that are happening to us and our planet.
In 2016 the project was ready to be recorded in the studios as his first album. The melodies that are created by the marimba have been already written completely. While staying in the studio they had to write and try out several percussion tracks as well as some guitar tracks. After all it was a great experience. Spontaneous ideas have emerged and the sound got a indescribable atmosphere which blowed away their minds.
When the album was in the process of mixing and mastering, Tobias had time to find a suitable name for his project. For that he walked through the endless woods in southern Germany and finally he got the idea to give this amazing project the name ‘Impressive Path’. For the first album his aim was to represent the mighty landscape of the Wutach canyon, which gave him the inspiration for his music. Simon Bossert, a friend of Tobias, is responsible for the artwork that shows the different faces of the canyon.
Listen to this experience of sound that leads through an impressive canyon!
Maybe our whole life is an impressive path – from birth to death. Every single day we exist on the earth, it feels like to find oneself on an impressive path. Embark on a journey and find your own IMPRESSIVE PATH!